Lifeshield Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable- Provides Cervical Pain Relief While Supporting Your Neck (Large)

400 Grams
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BrandLIFESHIELD ModelCERVICAL HARD COLLAR TypeCervical Collar MaterialCOTTON, ELASTIC Mainly for fracture or pain in Neck or Cervical RegionHave you injured your neck or having cervical pain? LifeShield Cervical Hard Collar Support is your one stop solution.A.MAIN FEATURES1.Ultimate Comfort2.Anatomical shape.3.Comfortable edge padding.4.Adjustable height.5.Light weight6.Latex free


Have you injured your neck or having cervical pain? LifeShield Cervical Hard Collar Support is your one stop solution.

  • Cervical Collar Hard (Adjustable) used for supporting, immobilizing or adjusting the neck in the flexion, extension, or hyperextension position.
  • Recommended where a rigid immobilization of the cervical region is required.
  • A rigid cervical collar has been traditionally used for traumatic cervical spine injuries.
  • Limits activity:This may help decrease your pain and swelling.
  • Application – Post operative care, cervical neuralgia, cervical spondylitis, cervical disc disease, torticollis, and neck sprain/stiff neck


  • क्या आप अपनी गरदन या सर्वाइकल के दर्द से परेशान हैं या दर्द के कारन गर्दन हिलाने में हो रही है तकलीफ? तो ऐसे में लाइफशील्ड सर्वाइकल कालर हार्ड करेगा आपकी मदद।
  • यह आपको चोट या सर्जरी के बाद आपकी गर्दन को सहारा देने में मदद करेगा। ऐसे से दर्द का एहसास कम होगा और वापस ठीक होने में कम समय लगेगा।
  • यदि आपकी गर्दन या स र्वाइकल में दर्द है तो ये आपकी गर्दन को सपोर्ट देने में सक्षम है।


  • Ethafoam edge padding provides enhanced cushioning and comfort. It ensures long functional life. It is extremely light in weight and causes no allergies.
  • Anatomically designed with height adjustment ensures perfect fitting, improves immobilization and enhances comfort.
  • High quality PE Sheet ensures rigid support, long life of the collar and good aesthetics.
  • Perforated body improves ventilation, enhances comfort and compliance.


  1. Look straight ahead and keep your chin parallel to the floor.
  2. Fit the collar snugly around your neck.
  3. Attach the fasteners at the back of your neck.
  4. Make sure that you can breathe comfortably.
  5. If the collar feels too tight, remove it and put it on again.