LifeShieldLifeShield Cervical Collar Soft

Neck Support For Cervical Spine Immobilization & Pain Relief

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Hypo-allergenic soft cotton stockinet improves comfortAnatomical design, provides uniform support to the mandible, better fitting and enhanced comfort.Provides support and immobilization to the cervical region with sheet inside.Provides the comfortable and supportive fit to jaw & neck.Helps in relieving the headaches caused by cervical sprains.

Product description

Have you injured your neck or having cervical pain? LifeShield Cervical Soft Collar Support is your one stop solution.The soft collar is used to help support your neck after injury or surgery.It is not meant to fully limit movement; rather it helps you to hold your spinal column in a good position during the healing process and reduces the amount of movement you might otherwise have. Limit activity This may help decrease your pain and swelling. Support your neck while you sleep:You may need to sleep without a pillow if you sleep with your collar on. Make sure your pillow is comfortable and supports your head and neck if you sleep without a collar. You may need a special neck pillow. You may be more comfortable on a firm mattress. Support your neck and back if you sit most of the day:Keep your computer monitor at eye level. Place documents you are reading into a holder at eye level. Use a headset when you talk on the telephone. Used as a general cervical supporter or pain reducer.

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