LifeShieldLifeShield Pattelar Support

Pure Gel Supports Patella and Knee Region While Jumping, Running Or Walking

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  • Patients suffering from patellar tendonitis typically feel pain in the front of the knee below the kneecap. Here the LifeShield Patellar support comes handy.
  • Mainly for pain in elbow and forearm region
  • Provides optimal compression to the patellar tendon in patello-femoral problems
  • Anatomical pad design lifts and position patella properly
  • Reverse buckle mechanism allows customized compression

Product description


Application/ why to buy ?

  • Patients suffering from patellar tendonitis typically feel pain in the front of the knee below the kneecap. Here the LifeShield Patellar support comes handy.
  • It is designed to lift the patella and alleviate symptoms of pain and discomfort associated with knee degeneration, without restricting circulation. 



यदि आप घुटने या पटेला के दर्द से परेशान है तो ऐसे में पटेलर सपोर्ट करेगा आपकी मदद। 



  • Pure Gel pad absorbs all the vibrations and helps in the fast recovery by massaging the affected area.
  • Reverse buckle design provides customized compression and is Easy to wear.
  • One size fits all. 


How to wear

  1. Wrap the support just below the patella.
  2. The padded zone should be placed at the mid-point just below the patella.
  3. Insert the loop into the plastic buckle, pull back, and lock over the Velcro hook.

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