LifeShieldLifeShield Posture Corrector Brace

Corrects by Supporting Your Shoulder, Neck & Upper Back

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  • Stabilise and support your shoulders, chest, and back with this posture correction brace. You can deal with bad posture, hunchback, back pain and tension. Besides, keeping your posture straight boosts your confidence and makes you look more attractive
  • You can make the most of your posture trainer, such as you can wear our posture corrector while at work, home or out.
  • keeping your posture upright and straight boosts your confidence and makes both women and men look more attractive.
  • Lifesheild posture corrector belt can wear it under your clothes, at work or home and is not noticeable or bulky. The true benefit is that it corrects a bad habit.
  • Comfort and easy fit and Washable Material.


Product description



Are you having a bad posture or a stiff neck, shoulders, and upper back.? LifeShield Posture Corrector Brace is all your solution to support your back while helping in correcting your sitting and standing Posture.

This brace will bring your shoulders back to improve posture and help you sit up straight.

Meant to prevent further injuries and immobilize the clavicle area following a strain or trauma, wear the LifeShield Clavicle Posture Support while working, sitting, or doing low-impact activities to help heal the clavicle bone.

Used as a general clavicle supporter or posture corrector.



Ultra Slim Design:Slim Design gives you the freedom to wear it under your cloths without let anyone know about it.

Comfortable Elastic Loops:Elastic Loops are so comfortable that you will not have any hindrance while wearing is whole day

Figure of eight designwith lateral vector ensures linear union of the clavicle bone, allows the required movement of the arms with perfect immobilization of the clavicle bone, easy application and tightening of the product.

Soft PU foam paddingensures no underarm rash, improves comfort and compliance.

Easy, secure and adjustable fit:Easy to use, simple to put on, personalize the fit with the front straps and D-buckle around the waist.

Avoid pinching or skin irritation:Made with soft cotton and breathable fabric.


Place the pad on the centre of the back

Warp the bigger arms on the stomach with a comfortable position

Throw the straps over the shoulder and bring back through the underarms

Then paste the straps on the velcro loop panel given at lower side of the brace

Ensure the comfortable fit, realign the straps if neede

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