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  • With our specially designed maternity belt, you can move the adjustable band for every trimester of your pregnancy to help keep you comfortable and from having to buy different sized belts.
  • Our maternity band, when worn and properly adjusted, will assist in supporting your belly while simultaneously eliminating back pain
  • Helps relieve pain and discomfort during pregnancy, reduces lower back and pelvic pain, stretch marks, bladder pressure and the likelihood of uterine prolapse.
  • It?s not only a Maternity Support for your belly but also protect your baby from strong vibration.
  • Adjustable and elastic belly band. Especially, we have the unique shoulder straps, and that?s why it can bring to you the perfect supporting.

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With your growing belly grows your discomfort. It hinders your flexibility and slows your movement. This is where LifeShield maternity back support come to your rescue. Maternity support belts provide relief from back, hip, and pelvic pain during pregnancy. They are available in various sizes.


  • A maternity belt supports your abdomen when you need help in carrying your growing belly. It helps relieve the strain on your back, abdominal and pelvis.
  • Lateral closing design is easy to wear and ensures that there is no direct pressure on the baby.
  • A breathable and elastic fabric that doesn?t make you feel hot and greasy under the belt.
  • Supports the growing bump with gentle compression in the abdominal area.



  • Design: The low-front, high-back waistband with highly elastic straps on the outer layer enables an adaptive fit and provides support to the abdomen and lumbar region.
  • Inserts: Flexible Splints inserts adds additional support, Made out of plastic & other durable materials.
  • Adjustability: LifeShield Pregnancy Back Support comes with broader hook & loop panel and adaptable elastic that gives you the ability to easily adjust the size.
  • Padding: This Belt comes with Extra Cushioned Eva-Foam padding and other soft materials



  1. Wrap the Pregnancy Back Support around the waist, ensure that the four Splints are positioned on each side of spine.
  2. Place the abdominal support pad under the belly.
  3. Compress the elastic to the desired level and secure the hook & loop so as to give comfortable support to the belly.
  4. Pull the Extra strap above the belly and secure hook & loop panel

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