LifeShieldLifeShield Rib Belt

For Fracture Or Pain In & Chest Or Rib Cage

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  • It is useful in protection of surgical incision of chest and rib related problems.
  • Special elastic material allows equal compression overall rib region, at the same time allows normal respiration
  • Helps in broken ribs, chest pains . Can be used as general breast binder.
  • Special elastic material allows equal compression overall rib region, at the same time allows normal respiration .
  • Easy to apply and remove, light weight & thin,durable and long functional life.

Product description



It?s a lot easier to crack or break a rib than to recover from it. Here the LifeShield Rib Belt comes to your rescue.   

  • LifeShield Rib Belt is applied to the thoracic region to compress and bind the rib cage and provide splinting to the sternum while allowing sufficient flexibility for comfortable breathing.
  • Pain can make it hard for patients to breathe deeply, which places them at risk for collapse of the air sacs in their lungs or pneumonia ? infections in their lungs.
  • Here comes the LifeShield rib belt to your use to minimize your pain and boost your recovery
  • It Can also be used as a general chest binder to get flatter breast for proper looks and fitting 



The LifeShield Rib Belt specifically designed to provide advanced support and customizable compression to your sore rib cage to help treat injuries and pain caused by rib fractures, sprains, and more without hampering your normal breathing.

  • Designed to treat & protect Broken ribs, Sore or bruised rib cage, Cracked ribs, Intercostal muscle strains, Dislocated ribs
  • 6? inch wide single elastic panel for better comfort and enhanced compression.
  • 4 mm soft ethafoam chest Pad can be placed at the site of fracture to enhance the splinting action and holding of the fractured ribs without compromising on patient comfor
  • Porous webbing improves ventilation and comfort of the patient. 


How to wear

  1. Join the special compression chest pad with the Belt?s Velcro panel
  2. Place the chest pad over the sternum (breastbone at the centre of the chest).
  3. Now wrap the belt around the chest, make sure u keep it upright position as per (UP) label directions.
  4. Apply hook tape to the loop tape to a comfortable compression.

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