LifeShieldLifeShield Skin Traction Set

for Stabilize and Realign Bone Fractures

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High performance crepe bandage ensures firm grip, no slippage or loosening.Foam liner offers frictional adhesion & non slippingg interface.Strong Puf liner offers durability,large contat area and uniform trcation.Offers an advantage of no skin peeling or any damage to weak or geriatric skins. It is Easy to apply and easier to removeUse over the foot traction kit ideally suited for emergency use

Product description


Application/ why to buy ?

Are you suffering from a fracture or dislocated part? Then LifeShield Skin Traction Set may help you in realigning a broken bone or dislocated part of the body using weights, pulleys, and ropes to gently apply pressure and pull the bone or injured body part back into position.

Purpose: Skin traction is used when the soft tissues, such as the muscles and tendons, need to be repaired. it’s usually used as a temporary way to stabilize a broken bone until the definitive surgery is performed.

Functioning: It involves applying splints, bandages, to the skin directly below the fracture. Once the material has been applied, weights are fastened to it. The affected body part is then pulled into the right position using a pulley system attached to the hospital bed.



  • Complete set: It is available as a complete Kit, Skin Liner, Rope & Crepe Bandage convenient for emergencies, has an Inbuilt cord, so quick to apply. It is cost effective.
  • High Quality Liner: The foam liner is designed to enhance skin friction for effective traction force without slippage. It is Easy to apply and easier to remove.
  • Elastic Crepe: High performance crepe bandage is provided for extra secure holding and tightening of the foam liner. It ensures no slippage and good traction force.

How to wear

1)Place the foam liner to the skin starting from below the knee on one side, making a loop under the foot and then place it on the other side of the leg below the knee.

2)Then wrap the crepe bandage around the liner starting from the foot end towards knee.

3)Tie the rope from the water bag and assemble it on traction pulley.

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