LifeShieldLifeShield Toe Spreader With D Ring

For Separating Overlapping Toes

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  • LifeShield Toe Separator with D Ring Gel (Pair) is anatomically designed to spread toes, absorb pressure and help with their alignment while covering full toe.
  • Made from high quality, liquid, transparent, aesthetically pleasing, medical grade Gel
  • Relieve pain of overlapping toes / toe drift and painful bunions. Less Noticeable, nearly transparent and least abrasive,
  • Unlike Toe Spreader, its D-ring covers the big toe and thus it can be used with slippers also. D-ring provides extra stability to big toe too
  • Provides cushioning from both sides of big toe, Easy to clean, don?t absorb odor and long lasting thicker than separators. Available in Standard Size only.

Product description

Application/ why to buy ?

Are you suffering from hammertoes or having acute pain in toes?LifeShield Toe Spreader with D ring Gelstretches your toeswhile covering it fuly, loosen tightness and relieves pain.

  • Inter digital lesion, big toe pain & overlapping/rubbing
  • Helomas, blisters, postfore fore foot surgery, diabetic toe

Indication for care

  • For cleaning purpose, dip it in mild detergent solution for 10-15 min followed by washing with cold water.
  • Dry it in shade are (away from direct sunlight)
  • Don?t use sharp objects on its surface
  • Don?t use any alcohol based perfume/spray

Front features

  • Pure Gel
  • Covers full Toe
  • Hypoallergenic
  • High cushioning efficiency.

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