LifeShieldLifeShield Universal Shoulder Immobilizer

For Shoulder Injuries

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  • Elastic chest band, humerus and forearm cuff with closure.
  • Having injured shoulder or Pain in Shoulder Region? LifeShield Universal Shoulder Immobilizer is all your solution.
  • Adjustable / flexible strap to limit the movement at the shoulder joint.
  • Buffed inner layer combined with cotton for comfort and coolness.
  • Extra binding strap for better immobilization . Long hook and loop strap ensures universal size design, Usable for left and right arm both .


Product description



Having injured shoulder or Pain in Shoulder Region? LifeShield Universal Shoulder Immobilizer is all your solution.


  • It is designed to hold your arm against your body.
  • It is used for injuries where you need to limit how much you can move your shoulder.
  • These injuries include a shoulder dislocation, broken bones, sprains, strains, subluxations, tears, or shoulder fracture where moving your shoulder too much could cause harm.
  • This will prevent other people from accidentally pulling on your arm. It also keeps you from sleeping in an incorrect position.
  • Used as a general shoulder supporter or pain reducer. 



  • Strong yet comfortable, band holds the arm securely to your body
  • Wide & longer shoulder straps crossed at the back enable even weight and pressure distribution
  • Broad hook and loop Panels allow great adjustability
  • Universal design fits left and right arm with all sizes in one
  • Made from a lightweight, breathable fabric
  • Includes Chest strap that adds an extra layer of support
  • Unique X shape design to avoid neck pain
  • Provides great support for the rotator cuff 



  1. Pick and place the patient?s arm in sling pouch at the 90-degree angle.
  2. Take both straps from under the arm at cross position to the back.
  3. Bring the straps back over the shoulder in criss-cross position to the front.
  4. Now put each straps in the buckle of the sling
  5. Finally adjust the desired position of arm and secure the hook & loop panel back on to it.
  6. Now take the extra binding strap and secure one end at the center of the sling pouch.
  7. Wrap the binder around the affected arm and secure hook & loop back on to it according to the comfortable pressure.

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