LifeShieldLifeShield Wheel Chair Gel Cushion

Supports Your Back While Sitting On Wheel Chair

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  • The cushion is very elastic. It is pretty easy to carry around. It is also highly recommended to you to use this cushion on most chairs, sofas, office chairs etc. to improve your comfort.
  • The portable seat cushion pad is very elastic, which makes it easy to place, carry or wash. It is made out of Eco-friendly silicone gel.
  • The structure of the cushion is designed to support your body structure and relieve your tailbone, coccyx or back pain
  • Ultimate Breathable Design Gel Comfort memory pillow With Non slip Cover
  • The lumabr back cushion provides enhanced lumbar spinal alignment and the comfort.

Product description


Gel Support Seat Cushion is a 100% Gel based support, which will not only support the Driver but also remain intact for years, due to its gel cushioning.
Long Life : Unbreakable : Retains position even after hours of continuous and heavy use.
Such inflammatory pain can be avoided by using a Albio Gel Support Seat Cushion.
People who have to sit for long hours at work or have to go for long drives often feel pain in their tailbone and spine due to pressure points aggravated in the spine and hip area.
Universal Size : 18" X 18" ; Can Be Used on Most Wheel chair Cushion.

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