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Griped Wrist Pain Relief & Weight Lifting Wrist Band | Wrist Brace

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  • ✅ [OPTIMAL SUPPORT]: LIFESHIELD Wrist Wrap helps you to comprehensively wrap your hands, wrists, and knuckles giving you optimal support. It provides the right level of protection as it is from a bulk beneath your gloves. Every experienced player will tell you the importance of packaging and supporting your twists with red boxing gloves if you‘re entering the stand-up game.
  • ✅ [GET STRONGER, FASTER]: Our pro-quality wrist wraps for men & women deliver superior support, durability and style so you can eliminate pain in your wrists, and get WAY more from your workouts by training harder, for longer.
  • ✅ [BUILT TO WITHSTAND UP TO 3 YEARS OF DAILY USE]: Forget cheap weight lifting straps that are poorly made and need replacing within 3 months! LIFESHIELD wrist straps are made from the highest quality materials and have been specially designed to last for up to 3 years of daily use.
  • ✅ [BEST HEAVY DUTY 18” WRIST WRAP]: The only weightlifting wraps USPA approved & endorsed by 2014 World Champion Powerlifter Kevin Weiss & As Seen on CBS, FOX, NBC & ABC! Eliminate failed lifts & protect your wrist joints from injury during heavy or max lifts. The top grade wraps with premium stitching and high end durable extra wide velcro are fully adjustable & machine washable. The wraps ROCK it for any pressing movements and overhead lifts
  • ✅ [AVOID INJURY & FEEL CONFIDENT LIFTING HEAVIER!]: These wrist protectors are made of high quality cotton and elastic that will contour around your wrists, securing them in a neutral position, which will improve your form. This will significantly reduce tension on your wrist joints allowing you to feel more confident, so you can train harder & execute more efficiently.
  • ✅ [PREMIUM WRAPS THAT PROFESSIONALS TRUST]: Finding the right type of wrist wrap for your lifting needs is essential to getting the most out of your workout. Simply put, you’re wasting cash on wraps unless you’ve got the right type on your wrists. CLICK 'Add to Cart'! Try them today!
  • ✅ [SUPPORT YOUR WRISTS & LIFT MORE WEIGHT]: This high performance heavy-duty elastic wrist brace is built to help weightlifters; powerlifters & bodybuilders add big weight to their core lifts. Such as bench press / shoulder press / shrugs / push press / push jerks / split jerks / overhead squats / snatches / squats and cleans. Our wraps are specifically built to help you lift heavy weight. Try them risk free.

Product description



Suffering from acute or chronic wrist pain? LifeShield wrist support provides you compression and just the right amount of support to your wrist.


  • Wrist brace with thumb is designed to support, protect and partially immobilize the wrist.
  • It comes with breathable cotton fabric
  • Double Velcro lock for better grip
  • High quality elastic which provides heat to heal

How to wear

  1. Wrap the elastic strap on the wrist and secure the first then second lock.
  2. Adjust the tension as required.


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